PROGRESSTECH has been operating mainly in the Steel Construction sector since 1980.



About us

PROGRESSTECH; Since 1980, it has delivered over 50 facilities and projects in various countries of the world without any mistakes and on time and constantly expanding its market share with strategic studies, constantly following technology and innovations, seeing the success of its staff as the success of the institution, and the success of the staff as a success for its dynamic and young people. With its experienced staff approaching respectfully, it performs industrial projects, manufacturing and assemblies. PROGRESSTECH, following the innovations since its establishment, respecting the environmental consciousness, gaining the trust of its customers with its after-sales support, enriching the machine park and using automated production processes, constantly renews its production standards and requires minimum error and minimum maintenance. makes production possible. The company experience continues to produce new projects silently by opening the door of having power in the sector, producing key solutions at every stage of production from design to assembly. It increases its share in the world market as a locomotive that adds value to the sector with its rapid after-sales support and spare parts, rapid revision, maintenance and repair planning.