PROGRESSTECH attaches importance to green energy and to eliminate any potentially harmful environment and human health.




  • January 1980

    PROGRESSTECH was established in Ankara in 1980

  • March 1981

    As the subcontractor of various companies, it has installed the first large-scale facility in Azerbaijan.

  • May 1982

    Started to create steel construction productions within itself

  • May 1984

    Opened its first 400m2 factory

  • September 1988

    Started to host logistics services within itself

  • April 1990

    Successfully completed the first turnkey project and assembly from A to Z

  • March 2004

    Manufacturing and assembly continued under the roof of A Group

  • June 2010

    He upgraded his workshop to a factory with 4000 m2 closed area

  • May 2015

    50. Delivered turnkey facility

  • August 2016

    Established 10.000m2 open / semi-open stock unit

  • March 2019

    Natural gas and petrochemical employees working in Turkmenistan brought to Turkey

  • April 2019

    Started planned stop and maintenance works with some petrochemical and natural gas companies in Turkey