PROGRESSTECH R&D department continues to produce new projects.



Our values

PROGRESSTECH adopts an understanding that values ​​people. It has adopted as a company value to leave a livable clean environment to the next generations by making environmentally friendly manufacturing. ? It eliminates all kinds of possibilities that may be harmful to human health in their production and usage stages of the products they produce. ? To treat every person as a human being, by prioritizing the training and needs of the employees, ? Proceeds by adopting an honest and principled understanding of work. ? It does not create conditions that will create unfair competition, on the contrary, it works for the development of the sector and increasing the qualified workforce. ? It manufactures as ?happy customer = quality product? without compromising the quality of every product it produces. ? It is a company that is open to changes and new ideas, carries the entrepreneurial spirit and likes to bring innovations. ? It provides accuracy and transparency in all processes.